The war for talent is on.

And resources are limited. So fight smart, not hard. 

Today, every company must draw from the entirety of talent available in society in order to secure its future profitability and stay competitive. 

We focus your management team to 

  • develop the strengths of those you already have on board

  • mobilize currently undervalued talents - and groups - for performance

  • sharpen your recruiting interface to inject powerful "fresh blood"

It is not only the absolute performance strength of the individual - but also the quality of his or her matching into the right context,  environment, and responding to management support. The best person in the wrong place can only unfold a fraction of their potential. We leverage our more than two decades of experience in executive leverage coaching, talent search, and specialized assessments to harness the full potential of the people you have on board. And we help you develop or hire the one's you're missing. 

Our clients succeed and excel in the REAL business world. LONG-TERM.

A man's world. A woman's strengths. 

So we have tailored our work accordingly. 

We believe that MEN naturally have what it takes to navigate today's business world. But they, too, need nudging and growth, orientation, self-confidence and encouragement. We benchmark our men's coaching practice off the most acclaimed success strategies of the military and thus inform top executives' thoughts and actions for peak results.

We see that WOMEN must adjust constantly to shift their natural priorities toward what today's business system expects - which is not so much community-caring and life-preserving, which comes easily to women and a valuable mostly invisible part of their business contribution. Instead, we gear women up for the strategizing and execution of a successful mammoth hunt. Now, women used to be hunters just like men in archaic times, and nobody hunts more successfully than a providing mother, so we pride ourselves in the excellent track record of our female executive coachées. 


Strong women executives secure a strong and sustained performance

There's the business case, credit to McKinsey's Women Matter study. 

However, there are still unanswered questions:

  • How can the engagement of the existing leadership groups be secured and its members be turned into champions of a more mixed leadership?

  • How can high-performing mothers - and fathers - be better enabled to reconcile their business duties with their family responsibilities?

  • How can enough women collect sufficient relevant experience before they move into higher levels of accountability?

The central question then is: Considering all present constraints - how can companies define and accomplish a meaningful increase in the share of female executives in a way that focusses on partnership, performance, and the achievement of corporate goals?

We know how to navigate this new terrain - and can design an effective tailor-made program to sustainably and cautiously increase the share of female leaders in your top- and middle-management. 



Close Cooperation with Research and Academia

We make sure to incorporate the most current insights from management teaching and organizational psychology into our consulting practice. We work very closely with experts and specialists as well as deciders from business who are highly engaged in the subject of gender-balanced leadership.

The EQT Think Tank is a group of experts and business leaders who bring practical experience and expertise from the realm of management, leadership, and organizational psychology to the table. The insights of these experts are implemented directly into our executive coaching and search practice. This way, we are able to provide our clients with continuous access to crucial know-how in the sensitive field of achieving high performance and gender-balance in corporate leadership teams.

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