We Hunt. You Hire. The Best.

As your headhunter, we are YOUR company's FACE. 

As a headhunting boutique, we are often asked to step into a failed big-league search which did not yield the desired candidates for an important strategic position. Because we are vertically integrated - exec to exec contact only - we are able to identify and, more importantly, INTEREST and motivate otherwise non-available talents to apply, meet in person, and provide their highly relevant skill sets and experience to our clients. 

Equitalent International has access to a unique international network which allows us to locate the highest-performing candidates - regardless of gender - who bring an excellent middle- or top-management track record to the table. We also find high-potential younger leaders who have the potential to become top performers on relatively short order and are ready to contribute strongly for many years.

Our attractive fee structure beats the big players and reflects our lean operations and boutique infrastructure, creating a sizable cost advantage to our clients.

If your are searching talent and are finding it a challenge, call Katinka at +49(0)160 97 55 66 00 or email her at katinka.ackermann@equitalent.de. 

Half-day Talent Assessments for Potential Hires

Have you already found a candidate you would like to hire but you want to be completely sure?

We offer compact half-day professional and in-depth professional and personality assessments, yielding a clear recommendation of "should hire" or "keep looking" -  including any identified development requirements in case of a "hire"-green light. Our fee of 1.000,- Euro will be the best investment element of your entire recruitment process. 

Unique Performance Focus System

Our specially developed Performance Focus System allows us to accurately and objectively identify the performance potential available in selected candidates. These are aligned against the strategically detailed search profile we compile with our clients. This specialized systematic approach allows for a high degree of accuracy in identifying candidates based on expected performance levels, leadership success, and a long-term tenure in the company's management team.

For any final-round candidates you bring to the table yourself, we offer to conduct (truly slim-priced) half-day assessments to make absolutely sure you haven't missed any red flags. This 5-hour format has proven itself over and over again by allowing passage only to candidates who - staying authentic - show the self-confidence, stamina, and substance to perform well throughout a number of case studies, role plays, and other challenging formats. Our accuracy nears 100%.

Do You Know Your Inhouse-Talent? Talent Assessments and Leadership Audits

If you would like to identify the talent in your staff you may not be fully aware of, we conduct internal screenings and assessments to determine the degree to which they may be suited for an advanced management position. If you are looking to increase your share of female managers and executives, we have developed a special assessment format accounting for the different performance markers in women.  

Our modular assessment methodology is based on a time-tested diagnostic model developed with a special focus on the specificities of identifying male and female leadership talent. This tool is applied either in a leadership audit context or, as needed, in supporting the planning of an individual career path.

Our sophisticated modular Performance Focus Assessment (PFA) is based on a matrue diagnostic model which we deploy within leadership audits or individually to help shape the development of teams or foster the career of selected high potentials.