We know today that a balanced contribution of both men and women helps prosper not only businesses and the economy, but families and society as well. Therefore, advancing female management performance is no longer merely a vehicle to enhance a company's image and reputation: The corporate bottom line clearly profits from a good gender mix in leadership skills*.

Female top executives are still a rare species. This results from an insufficient pipeline in middle management as - for a multitude of reasons - only very few women have managed to advance into the top levels in the past decades. This is not an issue of HER performance or potential, but rather a result of the inability of the employer to effectively harvest HER valuable contribution, focussing too exclusively on HIS.

HER performance looks different, is delivered differently, and motivated by different factors than HIS. Many companies find it difficult to measure with their traditional tools. And falsely promote those women who masquerade well as men.

Our Diversity Performance Indicator reveals unutilized synergy potentials which, once activated by a specifically tailored higher share of female managers, would have a positive effect on company results. To secure effective implementation, we assist in designing - and executing - a catalog of specific measures for practical implementation.

We believe that the need for action concentrates on the following three fields of action: 

  1. Secure the full engagement and championship for the gender-diversity strategy of top management and the male executives and staff
  2. Enable the women to succeed in their professional tasks and duties, adhering to the dynamics of "adapt - integrate - change".
  3. Create the right working environment - mentally, emotionally, and logistically - for high-performing women to unfold their full potential.

If you want to utilize the advantages of mixed leadership by enhancing gender diversity in your company, we are ready to assist you with analysis, advice, and execution support.

  • Women do not have the repertoire of male-code signals - whether they be verbal, via body language, or types of unconscious limbic signaling. Therefore, clear competence, personal charisma with feminine authenticity, resoluteness in composure and clarity in communication are crucial must-have characteristics. Our sophisticated and time-tested assessment methodology is tailored to detecting exactly these traits s in female leadership candidates. 
  • High performing women need specific trainings and coaching in order to prepare them on their way to the top. This is not only to provide them with the necessary special skills, but to enable their personality to develop in line with their growing responsibilities. Our modular development program fills the gaps which may otherwise cause women to either abandon their ambition along the way or leave the company altogether.
  • Female careers do not unfold in a linear way but in phases instead due to family planning times. Flexibility is a crucial prerequisite especially for strong performers. We help your companies in successfully launching flexible work schemes and map out pathways to introduce flexibility into career paths as well without compromising company performance.


(*Women Matter, McKinsey & Co, 2007-2017).