Bring Out The Best. Performance.

As experts in executive leverage coaching, we work neurologically and with the strength of limbic transformation in both men and women. We do not believe in the lasting effects of behavioral training or advice. Instead, we base future performance power on the authentically strengthened and energized self, including all aspects of the human personality with a focus on its expression in goal-focussed achievement. 

We differentiate our coaching practices between MEN and WOMEN leaders. We strongly believe that humankind - as society, and companies - will truly thrive when men and women work together as partners in mutual respect and appreciation of each others' strengths. 

Leading Women

Especially in the masculine world of business, women typically face the longer and more complex path towards performance ease and excellence. To serve the ladies, we have developed a specialized program: Please visit our FEARLESS FEMALE website for more details. 

In order to work successfully, female high-performers need a reliable and resilient network, a strong sponsor in top management and good-willed mentors who are in fact available to counsel her. At the same time, women expect to be treatedwith fairness, both with regard to the people they work with as well as thesystems installed in the company. In addition, they are dependent on flexible work arrangements that will enable them to realize their family planning without comparative disadvantages with regard to their male colleagues.

We accompany and support female managers and executives – for example, those identified as high-potentials within the company - as they take up new responsibilities:

  • Specially tailored individual coaching programs which offer highly sensitive and well-rounded preparation for the challenges in a male environment

  • Purposeful networking between candidates offering frequent interaction, continuous sparring opportunities, and a stable support system

  • Establishment of mentoring & sponsoring relationships inside or outside of the company, anchored in senior management.


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Leading MEN

Men face a tougher headwind when they set out on an ambitious career path; yet, they also enjoy better opportunities and support of their seniors. Most men suffer their daily challenges in silence. Our lead mens' coach, Stefan, has more than 25 years of military leadership and conflict deployment experience and works to authentically transform top executives towards

  • leading effectively in crisis situations and under severe pressure

  • overcoming leadership obstacles, misalignments, and reluctance

  • using unconventional leadership strength to unlock a teams’ high performance
    (Creating Engaged Ownership® leadership transformation)